Winter Song

歌手 樹海 
作詞 渡辺愛未 
作曲 出羽良彰 
閲覧数合計:659 今月:3



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Winter SongWinter Song
By Jyukai Happy Holidays Everyone I don't own anything.
"Winter Cold" (DEMO) by Aokigahara (樹海)"Winter Cold" (DEMO) by Aokigahara (樹海)
Here's a video for a song I wrote called "Winter Cold". Winter Cold By Aokigahara (樹海) [Verse I] Now why does the s un- go down much sooner? And when it does- outside get so much colder....
Winter Song (ドリカム) 【byひろさわ】Winter Song (ドリカム) 【byひろさわ】
2014/01/25 21:19収録。 music space K-onn Cafe Comodo(カフェ・コモード)での 飛び入り演奏です。

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