Feel your breeze

歌手 V6 
作詞 村野直球 
作曲 宮崎歩 
編曲 鈴木賢治 
カテゴリ ドラマ ごくせん 主題歌
閲覧数合計:72151 今月:1525



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V6 - Feel Your Breeze (Original)V6 - Feel Your Breeze (Original)
This song Gokusen Season1, The best Dorama Ever.
V6 Feel your breeze ベストアーティスト2016V6 Feel your breeze ベストアーティスト2016
V6『Feel your breeze』V6『Feel your breeze』
すっごくいい歌! 私が、V6を好きになったキッカケの歌w チャンネル登録お願いします!
Gokusen Season I Ending Song   Feel Your Breeze by TachyonGokusen Season I Ending Song Feel Your Breeze by Tachyon
I just watched again the series titled Gokusen and I can't helped but still amazed on this wonderful series. It's like Yukie Nakama is born to act and inspired many ...
Tachyon - Feel Your BreezeTachyon - Feel Your Breeze
i think one of the guys are cute.. but anyways i think they sing good =]

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