歌手 V6 
作詞 オオヤギヒロオ 
作曲 オオヤギヒロオ 
編曲 家原正樹 
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GOOD ENOUGHに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Chevy Camaro V6 Convertible: Is the V6 Good EnoughChevy Camaro V6 Convertible: Is the V6 Good Enough
When you think of the Chevrolet Camaro and the V6 you automatically think "penalty box," but things have changed. Now with smaller displacement and, more ...
Good Time Music V6 Can't Get EnoughGood Time Music V6 Can't Get Enough
CarTorque Series 2 - Renault Clio V6CarTorque Series 2 - Renault Clio V6
"What they got was a little hatchback Clio. They thought 'that's not good enough, let's stick a V6 in the boot!' Absolutely nuts. It's just the French at their best."
Mercedes V6 2014Mercedes V6 2014
Since there is no good enough video feed.... I cannot improve any more than this. But, I think it describes the 2014's distinctive mercedes engine sound.
【V6】Can't Get Enough (2画面)【V6】Can't Get Enough (2画面)
上:20170318 MUSIC FAIR 下:20170317 ミュージックステーション 画質メイン 音質悪め V6 坂本昌行 長野博 井ノ原快彦 森田剛 三宅健 岡田准一.

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