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Utada Hikaru - The WorkoutUtada Hikaru - The Workout
Utada Hikaru - Exodus.
Utada Hikaru - The workoutUtada Hikaru - The workout
I can't stop listen to this music. I'm so addicted to Hikki xD enjoy it! Lyric: I was dancing with a dirty blonde Texan, Charming accent, but the music's playing to loud, For talking,...
Utada - Wonder Bout'Utada - Wonder Bout'
Lyrics: Late at night I think about you sometimes I don't cry, I wonder if you're alright Late at night I think about you sometimes Wonder why I wonder if you're alright Thinking of the love...
Kingdom Hearts - The Workout - UtadaKingdom Hearts - The Workout - Utada
This is a very messy video that took me about two months to not work on (the ps3 is a wonderful thing). Anyway I finally got back to it so please excuse the clips that you see over and over...
宇多田ヒカル - traveling宇多田ヒカル - traveling
Playlist Best of Utada Hikaru: Subscribe for more: 2001年11月28日 9th Single (NTT DoCoMo[FOMA]CM ソング)。ポップな世界観を持つPVが話...

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