Hand in Sunshine

歌手 V6 
作詞 DJ KOO 
作曲 DJ KOO 
編曲 DJ KOO  Takashi Morio 
閲覧数合計:1665 今月:10



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Sunshine (V6)Sunshine (V6)
Sunshine (V6)is a killer crimp problem and one of the classic lines on the North End of Carter Lake.
Sunshine Eliminate (V9)Sunshine Eliminate (V9)
Alton Richardson climbs Sunshine Eliminate (V9) at Mortar Rock in Berkeley, Ca. Sunshine is a great V5 that utilizes right hand jugs and left hand slopers and ...
Sunshine Day Dream V7 at Joe's ValleySunshine Day Dream V7 at Joe's Valley
Be sure to hit the 1080p I did it!!! My first V7 outdoors or in :D I worked this one for a little while on Tuesday of the trip on Spring Break, sussing out all the moves ...
Spirit of Sunshine Bellytank early start upSpirit of Sunshine Bellytank early start up
Jarman-Stewart bellytank Lakester the Spirit of Sunshine being fired up...The Colonel ,Dr Goggles and Reverend Hedgash commodore 3.8litre V6 M20 3inch ...

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