I say good-bye

歌手 ムラマサ☆ 
作詞 マサシ 
作曲 トシヒロ 
閲覧数合計:1198 今月:33



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ムラマサ☆ / I say good-bye 【HD】ムラマサ☆ / I say good-bye 【HD】
2005/02/09 1st maxi single「SUMMER OF LOVE」収録.
Muramasa - I say good byeMuramasa - I say good bye
off their Last Eight Tour Dvd. The audio and video arent sync'd so if you know how to sync let me know! Regardless, hope you enjoy!
ムラマサ☆ - SELFISH GIRL!!ムラマサ☆ - SELFISH GIRL!!
THIRD FULL-LENGTH ALBUM "WORLD" COMES OUT 09-03-08 ムラマサ☆ 6th PV ムラマサ☆'s official site is http://www.muramasa-star.com.
ムラマサ☆ 夢風鈴2009 02 04 OUTムラマサ☆ 夢風鈴2009 02 04 OUT

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