歌手 Tiara 
作詞 Tiara  YANAGIMAN  Tarantula(Spontania) 
作曲 Tiara  YANAGIMAN 
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MAGIC☆ / TiaraMAGIC☆ / Tiara
Princess Lucy Finds Fairy Dust...Oh No!!!Princess Lucy Finds Fairy Dust...Oh No!!!
This weeks theme on SevenSuperGirls is Fairy Dust. Princess Lucy is on her way to Kaelyn's house to show off her new princess crown, when she mysteriously ...
[AMV] Anime Romántico ~ ♡ ➤ Magic ☆ Otaku ☆ Gamer[AMV] Anime Romántico ~ ♡ ➤ Magic ☆ Otaku ☆ Gamer
Espero os guste el nuevo vídeo y no se olviden de darle dedito arriba, si gustan pueden comentar, compartan el vídeo con sus amigos, no se olviden de ...
☆東方 Classical☆ さいごに残った小さな願い [Sister's Spread-i]☆東方 Classical☆ さいごに残った小さな願い [Sister's Spread-i]
全てが終わりか。 ☆ Title: さいごに残った小さな願い ☆ Original song: 魔法少女達の百年祭 / The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls, 紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream......
Cosplay Tutorial - Sailor Moon diadema - tiara Part 1Cosplay Tutorial - Sailor Moon diadema - tiara Part 1
Music: "Moon Pride" Sailor Moon Crystal Opening READ ME! You can support me on and have the access to exclusive files!

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