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作曲 浅井健一 
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GHOST HIGHWAYに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

5 Most Haunted Places in Tennessee5 Most Haunted Places in Tennessee
Tennessee: it isn't all Elvis and the Grand Ole Opry (though those things are pretty awesome). There are more than a few creepy places and weird stories in this southern state. Here are 5...
Beating Staff Ghosts - N64 Sherbet LandBeating Staff Ghosts - N64 Sherbet Land
Me Beating Staff Ghost of Please subscribe if you liked it. - Rom!
[MKWii] Ghost Road[MKWii] Ghost Road
This custom track was created by Purple X. Honestly, it would be far more driveable if the road was a lighter color. Otherwise, this track should get a remake, with more ghosts. Download:...
Moonview Highway - Staff Ghost (Easy)Moonview Highway - Staff Ghost (Easy)
2.16.802 by Nin*KOZ* Check out our forums!
Mario Kart Wii - Expert Staff Ghost - N64 Sherbert LandMario Kart Wii - Expert Staff Ghost - N64 Sherbert Land
Banana Cup - Expert Staff Ghost Replay Data Unlock Time - 02.37.784 Expert Staff Ghost Time - 02.28.356.

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