Just my way

歌手 YUI 
作詞 YUI  yukamatsumoto 
作曲 YUI 
読みじゃすと まい うえい
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Yui - 1st Street Live at Drum Logos in Fukuoka 2006Yui - 1st Street Live at Drum Logos in Fukuoka 2006
1.-Merry Go Round 2.-Help 3.-Just My Way 4.-Tomorrow's way 5.- Free Bird 6.-Life.
YUI - Just My Way ~English Acoustic Version~YUI - Just My Way ~English Acoustic Version~
YUI, Just My Way ~English Acoustic Version~ (Radio rip) COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: This video is not being used to make money in any way and is for entertainment and leisure purposes only.
YUI - Just my way (cover)YUI - Just my way (cover)
Sorry it took me so long to do this request (T_T) For another requests, I promise I will do it sooner or later hehe.. This song is an old song from YUI (taken from her first album "From Me...
YUI でたらめ英語で熱唱。JustMyWayYUI でたらめ英語で熱唱。JustMyWay
YUIの専門チャンネル作りました↓↓↓ http://youtu.be/UypGNLYGKYI YUIさんがyui語というでたらめ英語でJustMyWayを即興で弾き語りし...
YUI/Just my way 【cover】YUI/Just my way 【cover】
YUIの初期曲ってやっぱいいなあ♪ 息継ぎ難しい...

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