When We Dance...

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When We DanceWhen We Dance
Stardust Melodies - When we danceStardust Melodies - When we dance
13.04.2013 - Victoria Celtic Pub Berlin Spandau http://stardust-melodies.de/
Lathrop School of Dance's 59th annual Stardust RevueLathrop School of Dance's 59th annual Stardust Revue
Lathrop School of Dance, in Newtown, Conn., held the dress rehearsal for its annual recital on Thursday, June 2, 2011, and The Newtown Bee was there.
THE ALFEEと真逆?スターダストレビューのリハ裏話THE ALFEEと真逆?スターダストレビューのリハ裏話
THE ALFEE高見沢俊彦と桜井賢と坂崎幸之助のトーク THE ALFEEと真逆?スターダストレビューのリハ裏話 画像:https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ygqIUWdc9Gg/hqdefault.jpg.

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