歌手 玉置成実 
作詞 mavie 
作曲 渡辺未来 
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Nami Tamaki - TruthNami Tamaki - Truth
I do not own this. Artist: Nami Tamaki Single: Reason Track Number: 3 Year: 2004 -------------------------------- Single: Make Progress Track Number: 5 Year: 2005.
Tamaki Nami Truth  sub  españolTamaki Nami Truth sub español
Nami Tamaki - TruthNami Tamaki - Truth
Don't own photo/audio. Some personal information: This song has been in my life since I can remember. One of the very first songs to introduce me to well, ...
Nami Tamaki ~ 05 Truth (Make progress)Nami Tamaki ~ 05 Truth (Make progress)
2º Album - 11 de Mayo de 2005. Sony Music Entertainment Japan®
Nami Tamaki ~ 01 Eternal Voice (Greeting)Nami Tamaki ~ 01 Eternal Voice (Greeting)
1º Álbum - 25 de Febrero de 2004. Sony Music Entertainment Japan®

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