Eternal Voice

歌手 玉置成実 
作詞 川村サイコ 
作曲 鈴木大輔 
編曲 ats- 
閲覧数合計:1017 今月:8



Eternal Voiceに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Nami Tamaki ~ 01 Eternal Voice (Greeting)Nami Tamaki ~ 01 Eternal Voice (Greeting)
1º Álbum - 25 de Febrero de 2004. Sony Music Entertainment Japan®
Nami Tamaki - Eternal Voice (ENGLISH SUBBED)Nami Tamaki - Eternal Voice (ENGLISH SUBBED)
This is an AMV done by user Crazed4NaruSaku and my favorite one for Eternal Voice by Nami Tamaki. Added the English subs in myself. Credits at the end of ...
..::{Yuna's Eternal Voice}::..::{Nami Tamaki}::....::{Yuna's Eternal Voice}::..::{Nami Tamaki}::..
This was inspired by how much Yuna changed within two years. FFX through FFX-2. Lip synching may be off. The song is Enternal Voice by Nami Tamaki, it fits ...

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