歌手 玉置成実 
作詞 西尾佐栄子 
作曲 y@suo ohtani 
編曲 HΛL 
閲覧数合計:1677 今月:38




Nami Tamaki - PrayerNami Tamaki - Prayer
Enjoy. :D.
Nami Tamaki ~ Prayer only dance.Nami Tamaki ~ Prayer only dance.
Sony Music® - 12 de noviembre de 2003.
Nami tamaki Prayer lyricsNami tamaki Prayer lyrics
Nami Tamaki or Tamaki Nami song prayer i do not own anything Here are the English lyrics: I realised my true feelings But I was way too scared to tell you I want ...
Nami Tamaki ~ 12 Prayer (Greeting)Nami Tamaki ~ 12 Prayer (Greeting)
1º Album - 25 de Febrero de 2004. Sony Music Entertainment Japan®
Nami Tamaki ~ Full Moon Prayer (From Sony Music Audition)Nami Tamaki ~ Full Moon Prayer (From Sony Music Audition)
Sony Music® - 26 de Marzo de 2002.

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