Two of Us

歌手 速水奨 
作詞 池田森 
作曲 上野浩司 
閲覧数合計:384 今月:1



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声優陣 美味しんぼ声優陣 美味しんぼ
蜃気楼 / Mirage 青木伸行 AOKI NOBUYUKI蜃気楼 / Mirage 青木伸行 AOKI NOBUYUKI
曲・青木伸行 詞・浅川陽 Music by Nobuyuki AOKI / Lyrics by Yoh ASAKAWA 1982.
Mirage of Blaze - Dear You "Feel"Mirage of Blaze - Dear You "Feel"
not by me Takaya´s POV lyrics: I didn't tell you about the wound in my heart And only kneeled down at the approaching pain Two people held the same mind ...
Petit Rabbit's - No Poi! (Nenpulse Bootleg Remix)Petit Rabbit's - No Poi! (Nenpulse Bootleg Remix)
Best anime fight everBest anime fight ever
description here.

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