life cycle

歌手 Every Little Thing 
作詞 持田香織 
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うらうらら (Fanmade PV)うらうらら (Fanmade PV)
REUPLOAD= Note:This is a fanmade video.Some subtitles are fake. I really love this song,especially the lyrics was so cute!So I decided to use it!The story in this video is quite easy...
Every Little Thing - MY LIFEEvery Little Thing - MY LIFE
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Life Cycle of an Anime FanLife Cycle of an Anime Fan
The Anime fan is a peculiar specimen that I feel deserves a deeper understanding. Today I have a look at every stage of an Anime Fan's life, from birth to maturity. Edited by: Bakashift https://tw...
Every Little Thing (ura urara) MV (Marry Stayed Out All Night)Every Little Thing (ura urara) MV (Marry Stayed Out All Night)
few weeks ago,... Every Little Thing was made New Video Clip, starring " Jang Geun Seuk" I Think, More Cute and Adorable if Jang Geun Seuk and Moon Geun Young makes collaborate in Video...
Be sure to LIKE me on my official fan page for facts and updates on me. I sometimes don't understand the minds of people. How some just throw away...

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