Good for nothing

歌手 Every Little Thing 
作詞 持田香織 
作曲 持田香織 
閲覧数合計:1300 今月:8



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Concert tour 2001 4 FORCE ⑤ Good for nothingConcert tour 2001 4 FORCE ⑤ Good for nothing
2001年 Every Little Thing.
Bob Marley - Everything's Gonna Be AlrightBob Marley - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
All rights reserved #BobMarley #TheWailers Original song (unfortunately not available) : Original song name is Three Little Birds.
Shaoran and Sakura - Every Little ThingShaoran and Sakura - Every Little Thing
I do not own the song or this anime show I made this a while ago but never upload it Story Line: this about Syaoran feeling for Sakura Lyrics: Every little thing you ...

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