Sorry My Love

作詞 森友嵐士 
作曲 森友嵐士 
編曲 T-BOLAN  葉山たけし 
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Sumiferon covered T-BOLAN=離したくはない hanashitakuhanaiSumiferon covered T-BOLAN=離したくはない hanashitakuhanai
I don't wanna leave you!! I miss the lyrics in B melody. so sorry.
Great Horse (Marc Bolan/Tyrannosaurus Rex Cover)Great Horse (Marc Bolan/Tyrannosaurus Rex Cover)
From one of my favorite albums - A Beard Of Stars... Sorry my guitar is sounding real BAD these days...I need new strings! Like Me On Facebook!
love drunk t.rex marc bolan coverlove drunk t.rex marc bolan cover
sorry about sound quality. from unchained vol 7 cd and uncut versions, poss from 1977.
Marc Bolan And T.Rex - Futuristic Dragon IntroMarc Bolan And T.Rex - Futuristic Dragon Intro
Early time i was trying to make videos. Sorry for the blurry vids!

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