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Rurutia - OpusRurutia - Opus
One of the songs in Rurutia's new album Opus.
Rurutia - Opus (english subtitled)Rurutia - Opus (english subtitled)
::-English Translation-Opus by Rurutia-::::-English Translation-Opus by Rurutia-::
DO NOT RIP THE TRANSLATION OFF WITHOUT MY CONSENT AND USE IT AS YOURS:: Found some old stuff that I made before my account got shut down. There is another opus vid with identical translation,...
Rurutia ルルティア--- Opus  音樂盒 八音盒 Musical Box 水晶音樂 Orgel MusicRurutia ルルティア--- Opus 音樂盒 八音盒 Musical Box 水晶音樂 Orgel Music
More 八音盒Musical Box 音樂盒Music Box 水晶音樂Orgel Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaVW-2wXx6g&list=PL6h94tLpXv3IyzELoF1f_AQQSqD1fyugn&index=1 More Piano, Cello, Violin,...
Rurutia - Opus (Ballad)Rurutia - Opus (Ballad)
Another meaningful song by Rurutia! :3 The song really describes Michiru, Ruka and Sousuke's relationship from Last Friends! I hope I don't hurt anyone's hearing too badly, since this...

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