dream scape

歌手 FictionJunction KAORI 
作詞 梶浦由記 
作曲 梶浦由記 
編曲 梶浦由記 
カテゴリ アニメ ツバサ・クロニクル 挿入歌
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02 Yuki Kajiura LIVE Dream scape02 Yuki Kajiura LIVE Dream scape
Yuki Kajiura a finales de 2007 comenzó un nuevo proyecto, produciendo un grupo de cuatro cantantes, llamado Kalafina que no fue hasta Enero de 2008 ...
FictionJunction - Dream Scape (Sub Español)FictionJunction - Dream Scape (Sub Español)
Imágenes: https://anoncraft.com/night-clouds-sky-comet-your-name-anime-scenery-35/ https://anoncraft.com/your-name-anime-sky-scenery-stars-comet-762/ ...
[Cover] "Dreamscape" by FictionJunction Kaori[Cover] "Dreamscape" by FictionJunction Kaori
me singing dreamscape^^ i really love this song 3 it cheers me up all the time. oh and it's from one of the osts from tsubasa reservoir chronicles. A beautiful song ...
Dream Scape -Full Instrumental-Dream Scape -Full Instrumental-
I'm sure others, like myself, would've loved an instrumental of this song, but couldn't get it cause it was never given to the public. Here, I have fixed that problem.
Dream Scape -FictionJunction 「しおり」Dream Scape -FictionJunction 「しおり」
Song : Dream Scape Singer : Shiori Guitar instrumental : Icha (baka626onigiri) Link to Icha's video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNvpYeZGXxA (:

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