Tokyo Bambi

歌手 the pillows 
作詞 山中さわお 
作曲 山中さわお 
編曲 the pillows 
閲覧数合計:16852 今月:150



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the pillows / Tokyo Bambithe pillows / Tokyo Bambi
2008/01/30 SINGLE「Tokyo Bambi」
the pillows - Tokyo Bambi (Live)the pillows - Tokyo Bambi (Live)
2007.12.14 at Zepp Tokyo.
The Pillows - Pied Piper (Full Album) (2008)The Pillows - Pied Piper (Full Album) (2008)
00:00 - PIED PIPER 03:15 - New Animal 07:00 - No Surrender 10:10 - Last Holiday 13:24 - Tokyo Zombie (The knock came at dead of night) 15:42 - Across the ...
the pillows / Go! Go! Jupiterthe pillows / Go! Go! Jupiter
the pillowsが、広告なしで全曲聴き放題【AWA/無料】 曲をダウンロードして、圏外でも聴ける。 無料で体験する▷ http://www.pillows.j...
The Pillows- Tokyo BambiThe Pillows- Tokyo Bambi
The Pillows playing their newest-ish single Tokyo Bambi. as Sawao is talking about Seattle, me and some others in the audience were shouting "Fuck New York" ...

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