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Handling my cage-aggressive boaHandling my cage-aggressive boa
This ia a very old video. He is a 6ft now, in a much bigger permanent enclosure, and tolerates handling better tho still bites from time to time. Remember baby ...
*Requested: How I Deal With Aggressive Boas*Requested: How I Deal With Aggressive Boas
Like the JRod's Redtails Facebook!: Here is a great video from ApexSerpents on ...
Aggressive Midora BoaAggressive Midora Boa
Any Ideas??
Getting out a large striking boaGetting out a large striking boa
This is a 10 pound, 7.5 year old male boa constrictor. He is very cage aggressive but I have never been bit by him.
VERY Angry boa trying to bite and strikingVERY Angry boa trying to bite and striking
Well I dont know whats up with this snake but for some reason she is very aggressive. She hates me, not only me, she hates my girlfriend and whoever else is in ...

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