TABOO Feat.Clench & Blistah

歌手 SOUL'd OUT 
作詞 Diggy-MO'  Bro.Hi  Clench  Blistah 
作曲 Diggy-MO'  Shinnosuke 
閲覧数合計:1730 今月:9



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SOUL'd OUT - TABOO Feat. Clench & BlistahSOUL'd OUT - TABOO Feat. Clench & Blistah
Song: TABOO Feat. Clench & Blistah Album: ATTITUDE Released: 2008 If anyone has any requests on SOUL'd OUT/Diggy-MO songs that they want to hear but ...
DAMとも祭り2015/SOUL'd OUT「TABOO Feat.Clench&Blistah」/ⅢⅡ&きなり&ジェンポラDAMとも祭り2015/SOUL'd OUT「TABOO Feat.Clench&Blistah」/ⅢⅡ&きなり&ジェンポラ
SOUL'd OUT - Parasite Paradise Lonesome (feat. HAMMER)SOUL'd OUT - Parasite Paradise Lonesome (feat. HAMMER)
Lyrics: (Thanks to SCOWKL タダ!) S.O So may far gone See me... Feel me... Tell me... Kill me... See me... 失うdiary 枯れた紺屋に彷徨い Lost cityん中で Feel me.

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