A constellation ~2007

歌手 上木彩矢 
作詞 上木彩矢 
作曲 岡本仁志 
編曲 池田大介 
閲覧数合計:1078 今月:5



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Aya Kamiki - A constellation liveAya Kamiki - A constellation live
Aya Kamiki - A ConstellationAya Kamiki - A Constellation
A song by aya kamiki. she just caught my eyes last week with her emotional yet soothing and kinda brings peace to me.
Aya Kamiki - Secret Code (Rina Aiuchi Valentine Live 2007)Aya Kamiki - Secret Code (Rina Aiuchi Valentine Live 2007)
This is from the Rina Aiuchi Valentine live and it's a performance of one of my favorite songs, Secret Code off of her first full length album. ENJOY! If you like what you hear please look...
Aya Kamiki-Secret Code (live)Aya Kamiki-Secret Code (live)
Thursday Live @ Hills Bread Factory (2007.02.15)
Aya Kamiki - Smoke on The Water CoverAya Kamiki - Smoke on The Water Cover
My favorite of her covers from this live and probably the last one I'll take out of it. An amazing cover of Smoke on the water, enjoy and please, if you like what you hear, look her up, she's...

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