歌手 SunSet Swish 
作詞 石田順三 
作曲 石田順三 
編曲 松浦晃久  SunSet Swish 
カテゴリ ドラマ RHプラス ED
閲覧数合計:3305 今月:29




SunSet Swish - Passion  M/VSunSet Swish - Passion M/V
日没のパッ - Passion.
passion - Sunset swish (sub esp)passion - Sunset swish (sub esp)
Sunset Swish - Bye ByeSunset Swish - Bye Bye
oh god.. This beautiful song.. Why doesn't anyone notice it yet?? I love their voice and this song.. It makes me tearing up T-T Anyway,, check out my channel!
Sunset Swish ~ ありがとう(Arigatou)  [Official Music Video]Sunset Swish ~ ありがとう(Arigatou) [Official Music Video]
The official music Video of SunSet Swish ~ Arigatou from the anime Big Windup! (おおきく振りかぶって Ōkiku Furikabutte). From their second album (2008) ...

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