歌手 Soul Camp 
作詞 半蔵  ナオト 
作曲 半蔵  KOME 
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Hey Soul Sister Performed by Screaming Snopek's Strawberry DaydreamHey Soul Sister Performed by Screaming Snopek's Strawberry Daydream
Here is the band doing Hey Soul Sister at the camp out!
Japanese Wedding ChamplooJapanese Wedding Champloo
A remix of a short video by Miki Shimizu of Yukiko and Jameel's traditional Shingon wedding ceremony in Japan. I do not own the rights to the music but request ...
Sisters of Soul - Cigarette DaydreamSisters of Soul - Cigarette Daydream
Emerson, Zack, Drew, & Noah.
First day of campingFirst day of camping
VLOG #26 First time to go camping with mycel. It was definitely a fun first day. This is just a highlight of what happened in the day. leave a like and comment if ...
How Refugee Camps Become Permanent CitiesHow Refugee Camps Become Permanent Cities
Subscribe! Refugee shelters are meant to provide asylum seekers with basic necessities temporarily. So what happens to these ...

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