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One - ROMA tanakaOne - ROMA tanaka
The day of the shoot was actually CLOUDY!!! =( and the director and camera man had to use all sorts of tricks to make it appear more bright and sunny.
New Day - ROMA tanakaNew Day - ROMA tanaka
So lotsa people never really grasped the concept of this video. (maybe cuz they never watched it til the very end...) but it's one of my favorites anyway! lol. The story behind it is that I...
Boyfriend Girlfriend feat melody. - ROMA tanakaBoyfriend Girlfriend feat melody. - ROMA tanaka
A project becomes so much more fun to work on when doin it with a friend! I really really hope melody returns to making records again. Would love to work another another song with her. There...
Forever Love feat. Thelma Aoyama - ROMA tanakaForever Love feat. Thelma Aoyama - ROMA tanaka
Shot simply and beautifully with my good friend Thelma Aoyama. She definitely helped make this song much more amazing than it was when I wrote it 10 years ago!!! This song is the 2nd single...

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