Not Alone

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Not Alone (Video edit) - ROMA tanakaNot Alone (Video edit) - ROMA tanaka
Wearing fall clothes during the heat wave in the middle of summer. lots of fun as you can imagine. lol. The long white sleeve I wore was made of WOOL!!! Thank god the dancing was at night....
Tanaka Roma - Not AloneTanaka Roma - Not Alone
Not Alone - Album Keep On By Tanaka Roma ♥_.
No Change No End - ROMA tanakaNo Change No End - ROMA tanaka
This venue was AWESOME! It was this huge club on the outskirts of Tokyo that had been closed down and partially demolished. It had a really cool underground feel to it.
One - ROMA tanakaOne - ROMA tanaka
The day of the shoot was actually CLOUDY!!! =( and the director and camera man had to use all sorts of tricks to make it appear more bright and sunny.

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