Can this be love?

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Forever Love feat. Thelma Aoyama - ROMA tanakaForever Love feat. Thelma Aoyama - ROMA tanaka
Shot simply and beautifully with my good friend Thelma Aoyama. She definitely helped make this song much more amazing than it was when I wrote it 10 years ago!!! This song is the 2nd single...
[田中ロウマ] Romeo&Juliet[田中ロウマ] Romeo&Juliet
shelter me - ROMA Tanaka (It Gets Better)shelter me - ROMA Tanaka (It Gets Better)
LYRiCS: its raining outside can I come in just for a little while inside me, there's a past I can't let go and now consumes my soul you are everything I have always been waiting for...
Not Alone (Video edit) - ROMA tanakaNot Alone (Video edit) - ROMA tanaka
Wearing fall clothes during the heat wave in the middle of summer. lots of fun as you can imagine. lol. The long white sleeve I wore was made of WOOL!!! Thank god the dancing was at night....

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