Not Fill

歌手 川田まみ 
作詞 川田まみ 
作曲 高瀬一矢 
閲覧数合計:3166 今月:10



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Top 10 川田まみ (Kawada Mami) SongsTop 10 川田まみ (Kawada Mami) Songs
My top 10 favorite Mami Kawada songs. This video will be deleted when I recieve my copy of "Linkage" and a revised version will be uploaded. The top 5 was so hard to decide... What are...
Love Love Sensation - solfa ft. Nao [Bass Boost]Love Love Sensation - solfa ft. Nao [Bass Boost]
らぶらぶシスターズ ~花嫁&姉妹達とのドキドキハーレム生活~ Love Love Sisters ~Hanayome...
MELL Red fraction  (歌詞付き、和訳 )MELL Red fraction  (歌詞付き、和訳 )
BLACK LAGOON (OP) 今も色褪せないグルーヴ感、最高です。
Album Review -- Kawada Mami's SeedAlbum Review -- Kawada Mami's Seed
TRACK LIST: 1.) roots 2.) 緋色の空 (Hishoku no Sora) 3.) Radiance 4.) Seed 5.) Precious 6.) 悲しみの森 (Kanashimi no Mori) 7.) IMMORAL 8.) 昼下がりの午後 (Hirusagari...
Nightcore-Melty SnowNightcore-Melty Snow
Opening theme from Aneimo 2 ~Second Stage. Picture is from the game, Princess Evangile. English Lyrics: The morning air brushed across my skin (tickled my ears) It wakes me up, as if rinsing...

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