The first scenery

歌手 rino 
作詞 rino 
作曲 長田直之 
編曲 長田直之 
カテゴリ ゲーム Infantaria~インファンタリア~ OP
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Spring Scenery with the Rhino SliderSpring Scenery with the Rhino Slider
Spring Scenery shot with the Rhino Slider carbon.. 4 feet of cinematic glory..
Yamaha Rhino on doran scenic loopYamaha Rhino on doran scenic loop
first trip on doran loop after big rain.
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Trailer for 'We Are Rhino', a short film by Spencer Austin. See the full film here: 2 rhinos are ...
First Week With The Rhino SliderFirst Week With The Rhino Slider
This video is a compilation of the majority of the clips I shot the first week owning my Rhino Slider PRO. From my friends and I screwing around to indie films shot ...
Cycling across South Korea and Japan: Rhino Cam 16Cycling across South Korea and Japan: Rhino Cam 16
We hit the ground running in Japan and headed straight up into the hills where we spent two days on some of the most magical country roads of the trip. A trip to ...

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