歌手 アリス九號. 
作曲 アリス九號. 
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10 -  Q. ~ Alice Nine (with lyrics and translate)10 - Q. ~ Alice Nine (with lyrics and translate)
10th track from the album Zekkeishoku by Alice Nine ♥ LYRICS: I don't know myself I'll fed up,You'll fed up with me Can't you hear my voice? like a crying baby ...
Alice Nine - Q Live (English Sub)Alice Nine - Q Live (English Sub)
Taken from the Hello,Dear Numbers DVD. Translation credit goes to http://wareta.net/akatsuki/ . Short and sweetx3 Edit: For some reason, the line 'What do I ...
Alice Nine - Q (with lyrics)Alice Nine - Q (with lyrics)
My first video ='D.. uhm... I was bored, so I made this video ^-^
Alice Nine Live [2012 Court of 9 #4 Grand Finale] COUNTDOWN LIVE 12.31.Alice Nine Live [2012 Court of 9 #4 Grand Finale] COUNTDOWN LIVE 12.31.
SETLIST 01 Heavenly Tale 02 閃光 / SENKOU 03 GALLOWS 04 Q 05 -九龍-NINE HEADS RODEO SHOW- 06 BLUE FLAME 07 Kiss twice, Kiss me deadly 08朱 ...
Alice Nine「アリス九號」- Question {live}Alice Nine「アリス九號」- Question {live}
ein Wort.....Geilo! *Q* Ich Liebe es ♥~ ~♥~ Credit goes to PS Company.

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