First Step

歌手 miru 
作詞 華月嵐 
作曲 Corey&Carter 
編曲 Corey&Carter 
カテゴリ ゲーム 恋夏~れんげ~ ED 2
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first stepfirst step
Miru - First Step 恋夏 ED2.
miru - 優しい約束 (atled -everlasting song- IN)miru - 優しい約束 (atled -everlasting song- IN)
miru - 優しい約束 (atled -everlasting song- IN)
miru SIGNmiru SIGN
Kokoro【Miru】『First youtube anniversary ♥』Kokoro【Miru】『First youtube anniversary ♥』
I decided to upload this earlier, I'm really sorry for not uploading anything in forever but I've really been sick and still am taking medication oops.I'm sorry, this is ...
Taishi feat. Yuzuki Yukari - Hidden MonitorTaishi feat. Yuzuki Yukari - Hidden Monitor
Album: Stir Up Club Edition V3 -diaphanser- Track: 6 Label/Circle: Allium Project Release Date: December 31, 2013 Format: CD Enjoy! --- Lyrics: kake wasureta ...

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