Say Hello

歌手 melody. 
作詞 溝口貴紀  Mio Aoyama 
作曲 D・A・I 
閲覧数合計:538 今月:3



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melody. - Say Hello.melody. - Say Hello.
melody. - Lei Aloha - 02 Say Hello. Sitio web:
Melody. - Say hello (AUDIO)Melody. - Say hello (AUDIO)
Only Audio ( The other parts where she sings soft isnt added ) Say "hello..." for you and myself Kokoro wo tsunagu tame kono te wo motte umarete kita yo ...
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melody. - Say Hello (Cover)melody. - Say Hello (Cover)
New kitten to the family. Say hello to Melody...New kitten to the family. Say hello to Melody...
hear her roar - & a sneeze at the end :) A sort've video response to Steve BenwaysWorld - Kitten Bit My Finger ...

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