Yes I'm In Love

歌手 杏里 
作詞 角松敏生 
作曲 角松敏生 
編曲 角松敏生  佐藤準 
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杏里 Anri - Bi・Ki・Ni (1983) [FULL ALBUM]杏里 Anri - Bi・Ki・Ni (1983) [FULL ALBUM]
3/3. The original account that hosted these albums was deleted, so I decided to reupload them myself. I do not own anything in this video. All copyrights belong to their respective owners....
Yes I'm In LoveYes I'm In Love
角松俊生が杏里に書いた曲 大好きな曲です.
Anri - Last Summer Whisper (no edit)Anri - Last Summer Whisper (no edit)
nice slow j-pop groove re uploading to youtube in its original LP version released in 1982.

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