Dream Believer

歌手 真崎修 
作詞 tangerine. 
作曲 真崎修 
編曲 真崎修 
カテゴリ アニメ テニスの王子様 OP 9
読みどりーむ びりーばー
閲覧数合計:22937 今月:178



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PoT Op 8 - Dream BelieverPoT Op 8 - Dream Believer
テニスの王子様 OP7~Dream Believer 真崎修 (Music Cover)テニスの王子様 OP7~Dream Believer 真崎修 (Music Cover)
テニスの王子様 OP7~Dream Believer 真崎修 (Music Cover)
The Prince of Tennis Opening 7-Dream Believer (FULL)     HDThe Prince of Tennis Opening 7-Dream Believer (FULL) HD
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[Animeswitcher's Remix] 真崎修 (Masaki Osamu) - Dream Believer[Animeswitcher's Remix] 真崎修 (Masaki Osamu) - Dream Believer
Back in the anime league. Re-bumps are re-bumps, old songs are old songs. Hope you enjoy. :D Mixdown Name: Dream Believer [Animeswitcher's Remix] ...
Masaki Osami - Dream BelieverMasaki Osami - Dream Believer
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