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Perfume ~GAME.
Perfume - Plastic Smile (1080p Live, Subtitled, 2009)Perfume - Plastic Smile (1080p Live, Subtitled, 2009)
To request a live, please visit: Dedicated again to the fabulous @perfume-au on Tumblr, here is another super-hard-to-find-in-1080p-online ...
Perfume - Plastic SmilePerfume - Plastic Smile
[PV] Perfume 「Plastic Smile」 (Fan-made 自作MV) AviUtl練習作品②[PV] Perfume 「Plastic Smile」 (Fan-made 自作MV) AviUtl練習作品②
ちょっと古い曲ですが、好きな曲なのでつくりました 動画作成練習で作ったので、色々な表現がごちゃまぜになっていますm(_ _)m AviUtl練習作品②.
Perfume - plastic smile (with English subs)Perfume - plastic smile (with English subs)
"plastic smile" with their tears of joy ..... [ Version 5 ] Their ultra punk and popup tune. (2008) This tune is called "Pla-sma" by Japanese fans. From their count ...

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