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The High-Way: Sunset Sherbert / Tree FactoryThe High-Way: Sunset Sherbert / Tree Factory
New episodes mean new flowers and concentrates from new delivery services and dispenseries! For the return episode, I'm talking about some Authentic ...
Gorilla Glue#4, Sunset Sherbet, Gelato day21 flowerGorilla Glue#4, Sunset Sherbet, Gelato day21 flower
I have Multiple Sclerosis was a outdoor grower when I was younger, got sick of outrageous prices so I decided to try growing my own indoors. I document my ...
My Secret To Huge Fruit Tree & Berry HarvestsMy Secret To Huge Fruit Tree & Berry Harvests
I share my secret to huge harvests for fruit trees and berries. I'm sharing this because I don't want it to be a secret. I want everyone to know how they can get ...
Marijuana Magic: The Floating Ganja TreeMarijuana Magic: The Floating Ganja Tree
The first "Floating Marijuana Tree" chainsawed at the stalk levitates over this 600 gal Smart Pot with only the caging holding it from collapsing on itself.
Halloween Monster Mash Potion TutorialHalloween Monster Mash Potion Tutorial
HALLOWEEN MONSTER MASH POTION TUTORIAL: ingredients: Skull Cups (Dollar Tree) Lime Sherbert Sprite Gummy Worms So SIMPLE and so YUMMY!

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