歌手 高橋広樹 
作詞 峰倉かずや 
作曲 新川成貴 
編曲 斉藤光浩 
カテゴリ アニメ BUS GAMER ED 3
閲覧数合計:1496 今月:4




Hiroki Takahashi - TrainHiroki Takahashi - Train
I do not own anything. Song is sung by Hiroki Takahashi. He plays Kazuo Saito in the anime Bus Gamer. Song from the Bus Gamer Sound File OST. Enjoy!
[RhythmZone] Train 3 (2014.09.27)[RhythmZone] Train 3 (2014.09.27)
Difficulty : HARD Train - 斉藤一雄 (CV.高橋広樹)
Takahashi Hiroki (高橋 広樹) -  Secret Rendezvous 2012Takahashi Hiroki (高橋 広樹) - Secret Rendezvous 2012
Perfect *~*/
The Maglev in Shanghai (Fastest rail in the world)The Maglev in Shanghai (Fastest rail in the world)
This is the fastest rail in the world that is only in Shanghai, I am heading to Pudong int'l airport from LongYang Rd. The Max Speed is 432KM/Hr, About ...

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