歌手 ムラマサ☆ 
作詞 トシヒロ 
作曲 トシヒロ 
カテゴリ アニメ ドルアーガの塔~the Aegis of URUK~ OP
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ムラマサ☆ Muramasa☆  SWINGING PVムラマサ☆ Muramasa☆ SWINGING PV
Artist: Muramasa☆ ムラマサ☆ Title: SWINGING OP for The Tower of Druaga~the Aegis of URUK~
[Muramasa] Swinging[Muramasa] Swinging
Swinging by Muramasa. This song is used in the first opening of The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk.
ムラマサ☆  /  SWINGING  【HD】ムラマサ☆ / SWINGING 【HD】
2008/05/28 6th single「SWINGING」収録.
【HD】ムラマサ☆ SWINGING Release Party_13_SWINGING【HD】ムラマサ☆ SWINGING Release Party_13_SWINGING
Druaga no To ~The Aegis of URUK~ OPDruaga no To ~The Aegis of URUK~ OP
Druaga no Tō (The Tower of Druaga) ~The Aegis of URUK~ OP sequence. Obviously not my video, and I claim no legal rights. Song: "Swinging" Artist: ...

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