歌手 the pillows 
作詞 山中さわお 
作曲 山中さわお 
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the pillows - Mr. Droopythe pillows - Mr. Droopy
Featured on the WE ARE FRIENDS DVD, from their NAP UTATANE Tour in the US on September 2011.
the pillows Mr.Droopy 弾いてみた guitar coverthe pillows Mr.Droopy 弾いてみた guitar cover
LGTCでやってくれてハマり、勢いで録りましたw ヴィブラート上手くなりたいな!
the pillows - FACTORY LIVE (Fingerpost of magic + Mr.Droopy)the pillows - FACTORY LIVE (Fingerpost of magic + Mr.Droopy)
the pillows live at FACTORY playing Fingerpost of magic and Mr.Droopy from their NEW ANIMAL single.
The Pillows- Mr. DroopyThe Pillows- Mr. Droopy
PLEASE HELP ME!!! i was unable to hear the title of the song!!! i believe it might be New Animal but i am not 100% sure, so if someone knows this song please ...
The Pillows Mr. DroopyThe Pillows Mr. Droopy
Half of Mr. Droopy, wished i recorded the whole thing in hindsight. Enjoy.

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