歌手 the pillows 
作詞 山中さわお 
作曲 山中さわお 
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the pillows Mr.Droopy 弾いてみた guitar coverthe pillows Mr.Droopy 弾いてみた guitar cover
LGTCでやってくれてハマり、勢いで録りましたw ヴィブラート上手くなりたいな!
the pillows - FACTORY LIVE (Fingerpost of magic + Mr.Droopy)the pillows - FACTORY LIVE (Fingerpost of magic + Mr.Droopy)
the pillows live at FACTORY playing Fingerpost of magic and Mr.Droopy from their NEW ANIMAL single.
The Pillows Mr. DroopyThe Pillows Mr. Droopy
Half of Mr. Droopy, wished i recorded the whole thing in hindsight. Enjoy.
The Pillows- Mr. DroopyThe Pillows- Mr. Droopy
PLEASE HELP ME!!! i was unable to hear the title of the song!!! i believe it might be New Animal but i am not 100% sure, so if someone knows this song please ...
the pillows mr.droopy misheard lyrics funny tributethe pillows mr.droopy misheard lyrics funny tribute
REAL LYRICS FROM also u get to hear the whole song at end! Dig that groovy! Mr.Droopy. Can you dig more deeply?

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