(We are so) together

歌手 千葉紗子 
作詞 梶浦由記 
作曲 梶浦由記 
編曲 梶浦由記 
読みうぃー あー そー とぅぎゃざー
閲覧数合計:1234 今月:4



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Chiba Saeko - (We are so) TogetherChiba Saeko - (We are so) Together
Chiba Saeko - (We are so) Together This song is composed by Kajiura Yuki, I wanted to share this song with everyone since this song is very beautiful. Enjoy ...
千葉 紗子[Saeko Chiba] ー Survive千葉 紗子[Saeko Chiba] ー Survive
I do not own the lyrics nor the song. The song is performed by 千葉 紗子.
Here we stand in the morning dewHere we stand in the morning dew
Lately I've noticed that there's alot of original Japanese soundtracks out there, and some of them are actually Pretty catchy. so I figured I could shar ea few ...
千葉 紗子 (Saeko Chiba) - 星空の虹 (Hoshizora no Niji)千葉 紗子 (Saeko Chiba) - 星空の虹 (Hoshizora no Niji)
星空の虹 (Hoshizora no Niji) by 千葉 紗子 (Saeko Chiba)

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