My Green Park

歌手 千葉紗子 
作詞 朝水彼方 
作曲 梶浦由記 
編曲 西川進 
読みまい ぐりーん ぱーく
閲覧数合計:845 今月:1



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Chiba Saeko - My Green ParkChiba Saeko - My Green Park
My Green Park by Chiba Saeko. Someone needed to put this on youtube. Sayonara Solitaire is perhaps one of the greatest songs ever written and composed.
千葉 紗子[Saeko Chiba] ー Survive千葉 紗子[Saeko Chiba] ー Survive
I do not own the lyrics nor the song. The song is performed by 千葉 紗子.
Saeko Chiba - My SongSaeko Chiba - My Song

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