God Speed

歌手 奥井雅美 
作詞 奥井雅美 
作曲 Monta 
閲覧数合計:576 今月:2



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Masami Okui = God SpeedMasami Okui = God Speed
Masami Okui's God Speed from the album God Speed I do not own this song or the album art included, nor do I reserve any of the right for either.
奥井雅美 Masami Okui - Gift (Feat. 近江知永)奥井雅美 Masami Okui - Gift (Feat. 近江知永)
アニぱら音楽館 Feat. 近江知永.
Okui Masami - God Speed [Insane]Okui Masami - God Speed [Insane]
кто же знал что там такой слайдер:с.
奥井雅美 Masami Okui - 蜜 Mitsu奥井雅美 Masami Okui - 蜜 Mitsu
アニぱら音楽館 Forever Makkun.
[Osu]Masami Okui - God Speed[Insane][Osu]Masami Okui - God Speed[Insane]
Live recording 06/06/2011 13:13:274 For people online asking what sensitivity I'm using the following two settings On computer : 8 / 11 (11 is Max) In Osu!

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