歌手 T.M.Revolution 
作詞 井上秋緒 
作曲 浅倉大介 
編曲 浅倉大介 
カテゴリ アニメ ソウルイーター OP 1
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TM Revolution Resonance LIVETM Revolution Resonance LIVE
Unsure of year, but ive had it on my laptop for a while and i couldn't seem to find this pure genius again so here it is. Disclaimer; all credit to respective owners!
TM Revolution LIVE Concert - Resonance (Anime Expo 2016)TM Revolution LIVE Concert - Resonance (Anime Expo 2016)
Resonance - Soul Eater OP1 [piano]Resonance - Soul Eater OP1 [piano]
The second song of my "top 6 best shounen OPs" - piano series has finally been uploaded: Resonance - the first OP song from Soul Eater by T.M. Revolution!
Soul Eater Opening 1 - Resonance [English Lyrics]Soul Eater Opening 1 - Resonance [English Lyrics]
This is Resonance, the first opening from the anime series Soul Eater. All content in this video belongs to FUNimation, I just put the lyrics to it.

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