Honey Honey feat. AYUSE KOZUE

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xxxHOLiC - Honey, HoneyxxxHOLiC - Honey, Honey
It's all about Yuuko-san!
SEAMO 『Honey Honey feat.AYUSE KOZUE』SEAMO 『Honey Honey feat.AYUSE KOZUE』
http://www.seamo.jp/ 2008年06月18日発売「Honey Honey feat.AYUSE KOZUE」
Honey Honey - Seamo feat. Ayuse Kozue (english sub)Honey Honey - Seamo feat. Ayuse Kozue (english sub)
I couldn't find a english subbed video, so I made my own. (c) FUNimation.
SEAMO/Honey Honey feat. AYUSE KOZUE cover.SEAMO/Honey Honey feat. AYUSE KOZUE cover.
Honey Honey-XXX Holic-lyricsHoney Honey-XXX Holic-lyrics
english:My lady, please let me see you again in my dream today. My honey, please let me say "I'm lovin'!" again and again. Then, I'll accept everything, and ...

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