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5050 Syracuse Drone Flight5050 Syracuse Drone Flight
This drone flight at 5050 S Syracuse shows views in all directions at the bottom office floor (level 6) and the top office floor (level 12). Floor to ceiling glass at 10' ...
Dal 5050 Cyclone Props - First flightsDal 5050 Cyclone Props - First flights
Been a little while since i've had a fly... Twins - http://surveilzone.com/DALProp-CYCLONE-Series-5050-High-End-Propellers-g-1829 Tri's ...
Code-3 TV: US Airways Crash in NYCCode-3 TV: US Airways Crash in NYC
Code-3 TV segment: US Airways Flight 405 crashed on a snowy night into Flushing Bay shortly after takeoff at NY's LaGuardia Airport, March 22,1992.
Reddit's 50/50 CHALLENGEReddit's 50/50 CHALLENGE
WARNING: This challenge can be HORRIFYING! Reddit's 50/50 challenge gives you a fifty-fifty chance of seeing something nice or something TERRIBLE.
AGGRESIVE SH*T💩💩! | Cyclone 5050 + Armattan Chameleon | RIP LIPO!AGGRESIVE SH*T💩💩! | Cyclone 5050 + Armattan Chameleon | RIP LIPO!
had to release some stress RIP LIPO! A big thanks to the companies below on having great products: LDPOWER http://www.ldmpower.com/en/ DALPROP ...

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