歌手 the Indigo 
作詞 田岡美樹 
作曲 市川裕一 
編曲 市川裕一 
カテゴリ アニメ 藍より青し~縁~ ED
閲覧数合計:1137 今月:4




Ai Yori Aoshi PresenceAi Yori Aoshi Presence
My second favorite song! yes yes it is horrible but i wanted to put this song up so enjoy and comment and rate.
[Cover] Presence by the indigo[Cover] Presence by the indigo
[Cover] Presence by the indigo This was a request from a longgggg time ago XD I even forgot who requested it... hehe. Hope you enjoy... if you have anything to ...
Are You From the Blue Ray?Are You From the Blue Ray?
Are You From the Blue Ray? — Transmitted by Shekina Rose — Angelic Blue Ray StarSeed, and Channel for the Blue Ray Galactic Delegate Harmonics Unity .

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