For You

歌手 平野綾 
作詞 平野綾 
作曲 黒須克彦 
編曲 黒須克彦 
閲覧数合計:5272 今月:26



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For you - Aya Hirano 平野 綾For you - Aya Hirano 平野 綾
For you Aya Hirano Album: Riot girl.
平野綾 - For You (Kiss Me Concert2)平野綾 - For You (Kiss Me Concert2)
Hinano Aya - For You (Kiss Me Concert2)
Aya Hirano - For youAya Hirano - For you
For you as performed by Aya Hirano from her Album LOVE☆GUN I do not own this music nor make any copyright claims.
調子に乗って平野綾の「For you」を弾いてみた調子に乗って平野綾の「For you」を弾いてみた
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平野綾だけTV カラオケ Aya Dake TV Karaoke Part 2平野綾だけTV カラオケ Aya Dake TV Karaoke Part 2
Aya Hirano Dake TV Karaoke Special - Part 2 Part 1: P.S. I might take the video immediately if it's warned of ...

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