歌手 yozuca* 
作詞 威成一 
作曲 凸(macado) 
編曲 凸(macado) 
カテゴリ アニメ UG☆アルティメットガール OP
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yozuca* WHITE HEATyozuca* WHITE HEAT
Yozuca White HeatYozuca White Heat
Got bored, so I made this. Note: I was trying to find this song before and on some sites they call it White Heat, but some call it White Heart. Please tell me the correct name so I can fix...
Ultimate Girls [UG] Opening Full - White Heat (Yozuca)Ultimate Girls [UG] Opening Full - White Heat (Yozuca)
Download it in Better Quality! https://mega.nz/#!g4R2BaBJ!9fZNcPyV_KyyjDp2JRg5FF5W0KmaRRbSiqVMO4WpbhQ.
white heat [cover]white heat [cover]
White Heat vocal by runia-chan original by Yozuca from the anime ultimate girls.
White Heat - Alot of Stuff (KAMV11)White Heat - Alot of Stuff (KAMV11)
I decided to try something a little different with this video. It has no timeline and no story, working with not much sync. Video credit : KH-Vids (www.kh-vids.net) IGN (www.ign.com). Also...

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