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いとうかなこ DDいとうかなこ DD
いとうかなこ - DD 作詞∶渡邊カズヒロ 作曲∶村上正芳 Une autre victorie Quelque chose perdu Ton monde s'effondre Mon coeur s'engourdit C'est quoi, la victoire? Pas d'espoir...
DD(Full Song)-Itou Kanako [FRENCH VER.]DD(Full Song)-Itou Kanako [FRENCH VER.]
DL Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rkm6alxy8l1c78m/Blassreiter_-_DD.mp3 Yes yes she sings strangely in French but who cares. It's the beat and if you can flow with it that matters. Not...
Itou Kanako - D.DItou Kanako - D.D
Oh yea! I'm all n around with my search for all of her best tracks. Particularly this one, cause I want to find it's English version. ...(sigh... so sentimental) T,T If it so happens that someone...
Blassreiter DD (English ver.) LyricsBlassreiter DD (English ver.) Lyrics
Blassreiter DD (English Version) with Lyrics I do not own the song or the picture. Lyrics: Another trophy won But somethings lost Your world collapses As my heart turns numb ...
Itou Kanako - Roulette ~GONNA BE SOMEBODY~Itou Kanako - Roulette ~GONNA BE SOMEBODY~
Gonna Be?? ending theme (full) Sorry for the lack of pretty art to put in the video, but the game's so obscure that there's none of a decent size/quality on the interwebs. @_@ Romaji lyrics...

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